Industrial security program management is our business.

Honesty.  Integrity.  Performance.


Facility Security Officer (FSO) Services

Looking to outsource your FSO services?  We are here to help.  We recognize security is not a revenue generator, so we exist to take it off your plate so that you can stay focused on your revenue producing priorities.  Everything we do is 100% NISPOM compliant from developing policy, plans and programs, to facility clearance (FCL) and personnel security clearance (PCL) life cycle management. Our overall objective is to keep you continuously compliant and on glide path for high performance on government contracts

Remote and Scaleable Support

We primarily support small and medium-sized companies in the defense industry.  If you are a non-possessing facility we have the capability to support your company remotely any where across the county.  We can attend your location, as requested.  Depending on your corporate construct, tempo and workflow we can tailor our services provided.  Hourly rates and/or a firm fixed cost can be negotiated based on scope of services and expectations for support. Each assigned FSO/AFSO has internal access to a dedicated support element that gives us an exponential advantage in handling your security needs in both a timely and professional manner. 

Performance and Compliance

All of our FSO's are cleared and certified.  All products and services are 100% NISPOM compliant.  When we come on board with your company, we hit the ground running.  We provide a transparent and well articulated internal assessment process designed to clarify where you are and what you need.  We will have your company postured for performance on your government contracts as rapidly as the system will allow.  We take the guess work and worry out of managing your security program.  We only do what we do best, so that you can focus on what you do best.